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Janice Hylton-Thompson

 Janice, came to the knowledge of Christ when she was twelve years old and was born again by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.

When Janice, was eighteen years old, she accepted the call of the Lord Jesus Christ, upon her life to be a teacher in the Kingdom of God.

Janice has been anointed and appointed by God for such a time as this, to spread the love of Christ and teach the simplicity of the scriptures all over the earth.

Janice is a much sought-after Bible teacher, author, conference speaker and workshop facilitator.

Janice is described as an anointed and dynamic young woman, who God has raised up in the last days to teach the Word of the Lord in simplicity. 

Her slogan is: “Teaching God’s Word in simplicity; that even a child will understand!”

Janice is known for her simple yet profound, humorous, personal, and practical approach to teaching the scriptures.

  A prolific and profound orator who is anointed to bring the word of God to life, Janice teaches how to take the Word of God, apply it to one's life and make it personal.

Janice's ministry is under the leadership and covering of her spiritual father

Bishop Marvin Bradshaw Sr.


A graduate of Essex County College and Rutgers State University, Janice resides in Newark, New Jersey with her husband Michael and their children Alexia and Michael Jr.